Learn more, earlier, about your students

Success is a moving target, and students need different kinds of encouragement at different times. The challenge is knowing which students are facing which obstacles – and then getting that information into the hands of the people who can help.

Starfish EARLY ALERT™, the early warning and student tracking module of the Starfish platform, collects information and manages concerns in a way that respects different groups’ unique workflows, so they can engage more deeply with more students. The module offers seamless integration with your existing IT systems, is faculty-friendly, and is highly configurable for your institution.

Identify students who need attention

Detecting at-risk students in time to make a difference often requires that stakeholders intervene at the very first sign of a problem. Starfish EARLY ALERT automatically mines the data about student performance recorded in technologies already in place across your institution.

Plus, while other solutions run away from faculty, Starfish EARLY ALERT intentionally engages them, as well as advisors, coaches, and other staff to encourage them to add their own perspectives. When a student deserves special recognition for improvement or good work, it’s equally easy to send a Kudo – which students love to get and faculty love to give.

Communication can make a big impact

To help you scale your outreach efforts, Starfish EARLY ALERT can help manage communications according to your existing workflows and in accordance with FERPA guidelines. For example, a flag may automatically trigger a notification to the Student Success Center if the student has not declared a major. Other flags can notify a coach, residence hall advisor, or veterans’ resource. Sometimes a simple automated message to the student is enough to prompt corrective action. All activities are tracked in the student’s central, secure, online Student Folder.

Manage issues to resolution

Your advisors are juggling dozens – or hundreds – of student issues at any given time. Starfish EARLY ALERT gives these busy people tools to visualize and prioritize all the different types of concerns so they can diagnose the problems and do their outreach efficiently and effectively. With a variety of ways to communicate and capture notes about the efforts of everyone involved, it is easier to keep your campus community on the same page and manage issues through to resolution.

Key features include

starfish_bullet_point Automatic and Manual Flags
starfish_bullet_point Kudos
starfish_bullet_point Role and Relationship-based Access
starfish_bullet_point Central, Secure Student Folders
starfish_bullet_point Communication Workflow
starfish_bullet_point Case Management
starfish_bullet_point Dynamic Reporting

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