A New Partnership Tackles College Students' Housing And Food Insecurities


Point students in the right direction

Research shows that students with strong connections to academic advisors are more likely to complete their educational goals – whatever those goals may be – and are more likely to express satisfaction with their experience. It falls to academic advisors to determine the best route between students’ starting points and their aspirations, so students can make good choices along the way.

What if your institution could allow its students to build precise, personalized degree plans to provide a roadmap to graduation and help them maximize the benefit they get from every course taken? Starfish DEGREE PLANNER, formerly known as Hobsons AgileGrad, can help you do just that.

Using innovative technology and services, our degree planning solution guides students through program selection and course requirements to help them understand what they need to do to complete their desired program, build an academic plan to stay on track, and make important decisions regarding their enrollment.  By helping create personalized degree-based roadmaps to graduation, Degree Planner empowers students to manage their academic future.

This easy-to-use technology also provides institutions with insight into student plans and enables advisors to review, alter, and monitor student course load and path to graduation. Our degree planning solution provides intelligence on student course and program choices, which allows campus administrators to make strategic decisions based on accurate curriculum and class forecasting.

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