Starfish CONNECT

Connections are critical

Within any institution, there are a myriad of support services designed to help students overcome challenges and attain their goals. Research shows that students perform best when they spend time with the people on campus who can help them–typically their advisors, counselors, instructors, and tutors. Unfortunately, engaging students with these services is often easier said than done.

Starfish CONNECT™, the online appointment scheduling and case management module of the Starfish platform, facilitates meaningful contact between students and their advisors, instructors, and tutors. The module encourages students to engage more deeply in their academic lives by connecting them to the people and resources best equipped to help them succeed.

Increase access through online scheduling

Starfish CONNECT brings people together, whether for in-person meetings with an advisor, a phone call with a disability specialist, or a virtual meeting with a tutor–including email and text message reminders. In addition, Starfish CONNECT offers an integration with Microsoft® Exchange® and Microsoft Outlook®, allowing advisors to keep one schedule while Starfish manages the rest.

Support walk-ins and efficient waiting rooms

Starfish CONNECT includes a flexible Kiosk to enable student services centers to accept walk-in meetings. Students can “check in” and staff members can manage the queue more efficiently. At any point, staff can record notes that will be placed in the student folder. Plus, students can even remotely check wait times at different centers, saving valuable time and alleviating frustration.

Promote support resources designed to help students

Typically, institution Web sites are organized by department, service area, or campus, which can make finding support information difficult. Starfish CONNECT presents each student with a personalized view of every person and service that can help, including a fully searchable interface. In addition, advisors can refer students to specific services and assign a To Do that encourages action.

Track success plans

Starfish CONNECT allows an advisor to document for the student and the student’s support network the road map the student should take to achieve his or her goals. Starfish then allows everyone (with a need to know) to see where the student is along that path. These case management tools focus limited institutional resources on what needs to be done next for student success.

Key features include:

starfish_bullet_point Personal, searchable success network
starfish_bullet_point Online scheduling for individual and group appointments
starfish_bullet_point Integration with Outlook and other online calendars
starfish_bullet_point Central student folder with notes, photos, and attributes
starfish_bullet_point Shared notes
starfish_bullet_point Kiosks
starfish_bullet_point Student plan tracking
starfish_bullet_point Dynamic outcomes reporting

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