Starfish Analytics

Starfish Analytics is a cohesive suite of tools and services designed to transform campus-wide Student Success using data, analytics and intervention management. Starfish Analytics is fully integrated into the Starfish application, driving tactical action and enabling strategic planning views of student success. Starfish Analytics does so by offering the following modules:

Intervention Inventory

Using the Intervention Inventory, institutions can categorize and consolidate interventions used across the institution to understand and quantify the value of student success programs with the scholarship based Student Success Matrix (SSMx) framework. The Inventory allows the alignment of local institution specific interventions to specific predictive factors of student success and institutional strategic outcomes. Additionally, it enables users to search and review hundreds of Interventions categorized by peer institutions as well as research-based best practices.

Tactical Analytics

Starfish Analytics automates and streamlines business processes to identify individual at-risk students using predictive modelling scores. Once a students’ unique predicted risk factors have been identified, the solution matches them to targeted institution-specific Interventions. Institutions are able to work with those identified students and track their engagement and outcomes.

Strategic Analytics

Starfish Strategic Analytics supports institutions in democratizing data by providing clean and accurate historic data with trends, measures and peer benchmarking. Using Starfish Analytics, institutions are quickly able to:

  • Identify risks for retention and completion, at the student and course level and review predicted outcomes.
  • Identify specific courses in each program that impact retention and completion outcomes.
  • Measure progress and impact at the student, program, subject, course and section levels.
  • Connect aggregate student risk with specific interventions, and align them to your strategic objectives.

Strategic Consulting Services

We recognize that implementing Starfish Analytics can require cultural change. As a result, Starfish Analytics includes services to support implementation adoption such as:

  • Analytics readiness assessments to support campus-wide goal setting and implementation;
  • Cultural and organizational change management to support adoption throughout campus; and
  • Measurement guidance to support intervention efficacy.

Starfish is committed to transparency and the ethical use of analytics and predictive models. We know that openness in how data is collected and used is a cornerstone to building trust among student success practitioners and faculty and is key to transforming institutional culture towards enabling data informed decision makers.

The Starfish Analytics platform uses data elements defined and validated by the PAR Framework and its original member institutions. By using these variables in strategic combinations, Starfish Analytics crafts meaningful outcome measures and actionable predictors of student risk which further highlights the importance of common definitions.

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