Starfish Enterprise Success Platform

One platform, to grow with you

Over 10 years ago, Starfish set the standard for student success technology with early alerts. We’ve continued to lead the industry, raising the bar to include enhanced case management tools, predictive analytics, student support integration and academic planning. We know that the best way to improve your students’ experience is to start with a strategic plan outlining key institutional goals and metrics. We are also committed to expanding our product offering to include tools for career exploration and degree planning allowing students to create an adaptive academic plan that not only works for all students but also adjusts as their circumstances change.

Uncover the root concern

friends_hands_togetherYour students do not typically leave because of a simple problem; they may not even know there is a problem before it is too late. Academic concerns are often the symptom of something much larger. Institutions need to be able to understand the whole student and uncover the root concerns as quickly as possible.

Create a shared vision for success

You likely have different departments that each help students in their own way. Even if a new retention office is introduced to help “manage” communication flow, it can be difficult to break down culture barriers. What typically happens is these various groups become another end point in the process, leaving students isolated and data siloed. Institutions need a way to streamline communication and create a shared vision for success.

Rescue your student information

You have a lot of data about your students already. Unfortunately, it’s probably stored across campuses, in different technologies, in file cabinets, and in spreadsheets. Institutions need a way to gather and reframe this data according to the students individually – not according to the system in which it’s stored – giving staff a valuable new perspective on their students.

Chances are your staff is unable to get to know each student on a personal level to offer that one-to-one coaching through every situation. Institutions need the tools that make it easy for busy people to be supportive of lots of students, not the select few in a special cohort.

Leverage our experience

Your institution is unique. Your student success program needs to match your needs today and grow with you.  The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform can integrate with your SIS, LMS, and Degree Audit as well as your systems for Athletics, Student Surveys, Analytics, Portal, Online Homework, and others – to help you bring together information, scale your student support initiatives, and reach more students, more effectively. In addition, the platform is backed by our client success team to walk you through every step of the process.

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