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Move the needle on your strategic goals


Whether you are responsible for a community or technical college, an elite four-year private college, a large university, or an online program, student retention and persistence are on your mind. You have strategic and practical goals, but sometimes translating your intentions into actionable, measurable initiatives is easier said than done.

Remove silos to scale success efforts

The Starfish platform helps you eliminate the silos that make it difficult to share the information that could impact a student’s ability to be successful. Our platform provides an easy way to collect data from the people and systems that are working on your campus, then provide that information to advisors and other staff at the right time to initiate and document a plan of action.

At the same time, the Starfish platform provides simple tools to create efficiencies and allow your institution to scale your student success programs – either by making services available to more students, or by engaging specific students in a deeper way.

Data-Driven Decision-making

The Starfish platform also gives you information – information about what is working and what areas need improvement or are underutilized. Student activity data can be critical to accountability and accreditation efforts, and the platform provides straightforward reporting tools to facilitate your ongoing analysis.

You’re focused, and you have aggressive goals. The Starfish platform can provide you actionable data to drive your student success and persistence plans. Some other benefits that you will experience with the Starfish platform are:

  • Retain valuable tuition dollars through greater student persistence.
  • Facilitate a holistic student success culture where every student matters while scaling your efforts to proactively reach the students who exhibit risk factors.
  • Use your data to determine what resources you’ll need. Learn how many students are struggling, with which kinds of problems, when in the academic year, in what programs, etc.
  • Support accreditation efforts and performance based funding measures by documenting student support programs and correlated outcomes.
  • Promote a comprehensive, high-touch student services approach to stand out in a competitive enrollment marketplace.
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