Calling faculty members, the classroom is key

team_meetingAlthough you recognize that your students are adults (or close to being any way) who can take care of themselves, you want to help your students be successful.  But with the demands on your time, it can be hard to be proactive about helping students overcome challenges. Plus, it is not always easy to figure out which resources on campus are best to help a particular student. The truth is that student success won’t work without you. Your observations and perspectives are a critical piece of the puzzle for many students.

Three clicks and submit!

The Starfish platform has simple tools that allow you to open an email and give feedback about your students with just a few clicks. Your concerns will be automatically routed to the right people, who will keep you in the loop so you know that your concerns are being heard. Instructors also love to use the system to give students a “pat on the back” when they have improved or turned around a bad situation.

Respecting your time

If you wish to take it a step further, you can easily access the Starfish platform (typically through a direct link within your institution’s learning management system) to report a concern as it arises. You can also eliminate redundant data entry by recording attendance and student grades online and letting the Starfish platform automatically raise flags on underperforming students.

You want to help your students. We make it easy for you to provide that help. Some other benefits that you will experience with the Starfish platform are:

  • Find a wealth of new information about your students  and tools to make a difference  right within your learning management system.
  • Easily share your concerns with the right people at the right time to make an instant impact on a student’s success.
  • Send motivating messages of support to students who are participating, improving, or showing good effort.
  • Communicate with students either individually or in groups based on parameters you establish.
  • Let Starfish turn the gradebook entries and attendance tracking that you’re already doing into actionable triggers for warnings, referrals, or “See Me!” messages.
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