Holistic advising, the way you work

women_desk_talkingThere are just not enough hours in the day. Keeping track of even the basic needs of dozens – or hundreds, even thousands – of students is a daunting proposition. The sheer volume of issues you are managing also limits the kinds of help you can provide to the students who need it most. You are the front line of student support, and you need the tools and information to do your job effectively, efficiently, and personally.

Prioritize so you can optimize

The Starfish platform can show you, at a glance, which students are in need of what kind of assistance so you can organize your day to help the most students. Automated workflows and communication tools mean that simple needs can be addressed without any direct intervention at all. Finally, you will have an easy way to track the resolution of every issue from the moment it is raised until it is resolved.

Guiding your students to success

The Starfish platform gives you one-click access to a holistic picture of a student – including past advising activity, flags, courses, grades, demographic data, notes, and referrals. You can see data from campus systems, concerns (and Kudos) raised by instructors, and shared notes about meetings with other student support providers, even if those resources are based on another campus.

You have a lot on your plate. Starfish is here to help you help your students achieve their goals. Some other benefits that you will experience with the Starfish platform are:

  • Learn at a glance which students have the most pressing concerns so you can handle those first… without anyone slipping through the cracks.
  • Drill deeper to see the whole picture of a student in one place, including grades, past referrals, academic history and more, so you know how best to help.
  • Track your communications, interactions, and meetings with your students in a secure, central location.
  • Monitor a student’s progress through mutually agreed-upon milestones that are maintained within the student folder.
  • Take advantage of predefined templates that help you work more efficiently without losing the personal touch.
  • Refer students to other campus services, including tutoring, and keep track of that recommendation to confirm that it was followed.
  • Quickly close the loop by notifying faculty and others who report concerns to let them know when an issue is resolved.
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