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Using Predictive Analytics to Drive Interventions

Megan Stanton

Megan Stanton

When students are flagged in the Starfish system based on Noel-Levitz data, they are automatically sent a referral encouraging them to schedule time through the Starfish system to meet with their advisors. This connection makes students aware of any concerns as quickly and as appropriately as possible, so that they can share ownership and help to address issues. As a result, we can work together to keep them on track.”

– Megan Stanton, Retention Coordinator, Manhattanville College

Manhattanville College, a small private liberal arts college, has a faculty, advisor, and student services “open door policy” to assist students in any way possible – but they needed a strategic communications hub to ensure that the whole campus community was on the same page. In 2012, Manhattanville chose the Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™ to not only streamline their efforts to resolve student concerns, but also to identify new students who might need help with predictive analytics.

A primary reason that the institution selected the Starfish platform was its ability to use the Noel-Levitz College Student Inventory™ (CSI) predictive instrument to automatically raise flags on individual students who are predicted to be at risk. The flags then enable the advisors to know more quickly which students may need particular attention. In addition, the individual student reports that are generated by the CSI are uploaded into the student folder within the Starfish platform, providing advisors with easy access to the information throughout the academic term.

The institution has configured the Starfish platform to survey faculty three times throughout the academic term. The first survey is completed in week one to confirm student attendance. The second survey is designed to reconcile the student roster following the add/drop period. The third survey collects mid-term grades. Faculty participation in these surveys increased by 80 percent from the fall 2011 to the spring 2012 semester.

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