Starfish by Hobsons Awarded Two Technology Trailblazer Awards by Complete College America

Columbus State Community College

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Starfish in Action

Providing Wrap-Around Student Services

Jack Cooley

Jack Cooley, CSCC

“We are proud of how students, faculty, staff and administration have joined together to embrace the Starfish system and use it as the primary tool for providing wrap-around services to our students.”

– Jack Cooley, Senior Vice President, Office of Academic Affairs, Columbus State Community College

Columbus State Community College implemented Starfish Early Alert in spring 2012, and students named it FOCUS (Furthering Our College’s Undergraduate Success). The Starfish platform was initially used by a few academic departments and critical support groups (including Military and Veteran Services and TRiO), as well as by peer advocates.

This year, Columbus State added Starfish Connect to their implementation and deepened integrations with on-campus technologies. Today, all advisors, 85% of faculty and nearly 94% of all Columbus State students are touched by Starfish in some way.

Starfish Early Alert usage has increased from 12% of enrolled students in Autumn 2012, to 93% currently.  Starfish Early Alert has helped improve successful course completion at Columbus State by 4.2 percentage points since 2012.  Among lower income students who are often more academically at risk, the improvement was 5.7 percentage points.  

Using Starfish Connect for meetings, Columbus State recorded 17,477 meetings with students, these were in various (but not all) departments on campus, and do not include tutoring.  For deeper interventions, tracking students with 3 or more repeated courses, and 3 or more or 6 or more tracking items, the Student Academic Support Services office made 3,793 phone calls and was able to make contact with 2,906 students.

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