Starfish Awarded 2017 Guided Pathways Seal of Approval by Complete College America

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This is an incredibly exciting time for people focused on student success. Every week, something important takes place that shapes or informs the effort to help students achieve their goals, whether within the halls of government, at a client’s institution, in our development labs, or at the many events that bring people together.

In the News

November 13, 2017

University of Idaho President Shares Updated Strategic Plan

From the Argonaut: "Advising, one of the key services that will help the influx of students at the University of Idaho, will be conducted through the Starfish program — a centralized advising system." Continue reading
November 9, 2017

Ohio University Has a New Platform to Help Students

From the Post: "MyOHIO Success Network, a program powered from Starfish by Hobsons, provides the technology for OU to develop an information and communication “hub” to help students." Continue reading
November 8, 2017

The University System of Maryland Standardizes Data Collection to Improve Retention and Graduation Rates

From Inside Higher Ed: The University System of Maryland’s campuses boast diverse student bodies. Officials believe new data collection standards will improve retention and and graduation rates. Continue reading
November 6, 2017

New Software Helps Faculty and Staff Track Students’ Progress

From Lancaster Online:  "Elizabethtown College recently introduced software called Starfish, to view students' progress toward academic goals and allows them to intervene when students struggle." Continue reading
October 31, 2017

The Many Arms of Starfish Support at UND

From UND Today: "Starfish is an integral part of UND’s Strategic Plan in terms of retaining students and helping them graduate on time. It’s one of nine action items." Continue reading
October 16, 2017

Starfish Wins Readers’ Choice Award

From Campus Technology: Starfish is honored to be the recipient of the Gold award for Student Success/Retention in Campus Technology's third annual Readers' Choice Awards. Continue reading
September 29, 2017

Starfish Program Bridges Gap Between Professors and Students

From the Etownian: Elizabethtown College is embracing Starfish, a new software tool that will ease the advising process and assist students in achieving success. Continue reading
September 21, 2017

First-Year College Credits and Strong GPA Big Predictor of CC Student Success

From Campus Technology: "Identifying Predictors of Credential Completion Among Beginning Community College Students," used data collected through the Education Longitudinal Study of 2002. Continue reading
September 20, 2017

The Vanishing University

From Quartz: Hobsons, a company that offers consulting software for higher education, just debuted its first “fully integrated solution for higher education institutions." Continue reading
September 11, 2017

Should ‘Student Success’ Include Dropouts?

From EdSurge: At Starfish, senior vice president Howard Bell says his team offers ways to go beyond graduation as a metric of success. Continue reading