Starfish by Hobsons Awarded Two Technology Trailblazer Awards by Complete College America

Welcome to Hobsons!

Supporting the Education Planning Initiative

Hobsons is honored to be working with the dedicated counselors, administrators, and technology experts at California Community Colleges to deliver a new level of support for students through the Education Planning Initiative. Over the next several months, we will be implementing the Starfish platform at several pilot colleges, and expanding to the remaining colleges through 2016.

The Education Planning Initiative is designed to:

  • Help students make informed choices
  • Clarify goals and plan for success
  • Assist under-resourced Counseling Services
  • Succeed despite funding challenges
  • Coordinate within and between colleges
  • Align with legislation

This will be the first major integration of Starfish Degree Planner (formerly known as Hobsons AgileGrad) with Starfish Early Alert and Starfish Connect.

The combined solution will assist students in mapping out multi-year course plans while balancing work and childcare schedules, financial concerns, and other challenges. In addition, the colleges will be able to identify students who are struggling and break down communication silos so faculty and staff can support students more proactively and more efficiently.

Hobsons is dedicated to helping students explore how their strengths and interests align to their life goals, and to supporting students as they achieve those goals. We look forward to working with the dedicated advisors, administrators, technology experts and students at the California Community Colleges.

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