Starfish in Partnership with California Community Colleges

How Starfish Supports the CA Community College System

In 2015, Starfish started working with the CA Community Colleges (CCCs) through the CA Education Planning Initiative (EPI).  After working with 12 pilot colleges, momentum grew and the CA CC User Community stands at 39 active colleges in 2018-19.  The CCCs are intentional in nature, sharing a common goal of designing a Guided Pathways framework with the power of the Starfish Student Success Enterprise Platform.

In 2017, the CCC Academic Senate endorsed Starfish as a useful tool for designing a guided pathways framework.

In 2018, the CCC Chancellor’s Office announced its continued support of Starfish by Hobsons, as a holistic approach, to support and scale the delivery of student support services to CCC students. Included in the CO’s direct support of Starfish are:

  1. Sponsorship for the bi-annual CCC Starfish User Group meetings (held each July to coincide with Hobsons Summer Institute, and each December);
  2. Field support from the CO Student Service team as colleges work directly with Starfish for implementation;
  3. New Starfish product enhancements, funded by the CO.

Since commencement of the 2015 EPI and the CCCs work on degree planning, early alert and case management, Starfish has expanded into a holistic and robust Student Success Platform including:

  • Course Registration, Course Forecast Demand and Close-to-Completion
  • Onboarding tools such as Career Exploration, and Student Intake Form
  • Predictive Analytics and Student Intervention Inventory and Recommended Interventions
  • Student Success Score
  • Strategic Consulting Support

Hobsons continues to support the CCC Starfish User Group community as they convene twice annually to share best practices.  Users regularly support one another via pathways configurations, process flows, and in sharing of outcomes in scaling student support services. Combining Starfish subject matter expertise with the CA project work groups for Guided Pathways design, the colleges focus collectively on the CCCCO Vision for Success completion results.

Hobsons is honored to be working with the dedicated administrators, faculty, counselors, and technology experts at the CA Community Colleges to deliver a new level of support for students. For more details, insights and CCC references, contact Kelly C. Kilby, Starfish Strategic Account Executive-California, at 707.235.3834 or

Starfish is endorsed by ASCCC as a useful tool for building a Guided Pathway framework and is a 2017 recipient of the Complete College America Guided Pathways Seal of Approval.

“Having Starfish on board is essential for us to initiate Guided Pathways,” Starfish Degree Planner, Early Alert, and the entire Platform really support the idea of Guided Pathways.”
– Michelle Stricker, 3SP Coordinator & EPI Steering Committee Co-Chair

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