Starfish Awarded 2017 Guided Pathways Seal of Approval by Complete College America

Should ‘Student Success’ Include Dropouts?

EdSurge LogoFrom EdSurge: “At Starfish, a software platform where advisors can flag students who are at risk of dropping out, senior vice president Howard Bell says his team offers ways to go beyond graduation as a metric of success.

One way to do this, he explains, is by creating personal “credentials” as milestones in a student’s experience. If they reach a promotion or certificate before completing their degree, that is one way to signify a goal has been reached.

“Goal attainment is not always a degree… some students come to take a single course for a promotion or an AA, but it’s just one stop,” he says. “That will force us all to be more precise about what a student’s goal is. It’s a vision for our system to make sure [advisors] aren’t just getting a student a credential, but tracking towards a goal.”

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