Starfish Awarded 2017 Guided Pathways Seal of Approval by Complete College America

Focus on Transfer Students

In our work on behalf of students, it is common to see a focus on first-generation college students. However, at Hobsons we are about helping all students finish what they start, regardless of whether their journey is through one institution or multiple institutions. Transfer students make up a large, and growing, student population that requires careful attention.

A recent report sponsored by the Kresge Foundation indicates that the difficulty students face in trying to transfer credits is seen as a major reason students stay in college for so long. On average, students take and pay for 136.5 credits to complete a bachelor’s degree that requires 120 credits. For an associate degree, the average is 80 credits taken as compared to the 60 that are required. And the implications for low-income community college students are more severe – where these students are half as likely to successfully transfer and earn a bachelor’s degree as their higher-income peers.

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