Starfish by Hobsons Awarded Two Technology Trailblazer Awards by Complete College America

YSU Prof Hooks Big Fish Award for Spring

Youngstown State University - StarfishYoungstown State News, April 15, 2015

“The Big Fish award is given every semester to a faculty member who participates in the Starfish Performance Attendance Survey, which asks faculty to identify students who are struggling in or are not attending class.

“I love using Starfish because I think it sends the message to students that I care whether or not they are coming to class and doing the work,” [Jennifer] Behney said. “My end goal in teaching every class is that the students learn at least some of the content. Not some of the students, or the students who are bright enough, or the students who are motivated enough, but all of the students who are registered for the class. I can’t achieve that goal if a student is not coming to class.

Starfish is an extremely easy, quick, efficient way for me to let any student who is falling behind know that I know and care that they are falling behind, and I want them to get back on board so that I can achieve my goal of being an effective instructor of the content.’”

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