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Maximizing the Use of an Early Alert System through Advisor Outreach

NACADA: Academic Advising Today – December 1, 2014

ECU Staff. Image from NACADA: Academic Advising Today

ECU Staff. Image from NACADA: Academic Advising Today

“When East Carolina University (ECU) implemented an early alert system (Starfish Retention Solutions™) in Fall 2011, 28,000 notifications (kudos, academic concerns, attendance related) were sent to students and their advisors. During Fall 2013, faculty initiated almost 46,000 notifications to 16,700 unique students… The initiation of the advisor outreach process is one of the most critical extensions of the early alert system.  It targets struggling students and provides a consistent opportunity for advisors to communicate with students who might otherwise fall through the cracks of the system. Although an early alert system offers obvious benefits, it is important to take advantage of the advising opportunities provided through the system, whether it is encouraging action or simply building rapport.”

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