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U. of Texas at El Paso Figures Out How to Beat the Odds

The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 27, 2014

Using a grant from the University of Texas system, [Mr. Ambler] began working with a for-profit company on software that allows professors to divide groups of students into segments using an electronic gradebook, and then send email blasts to only those who, say, had failed to turn in the latest assignment. For the 40 or so students who were dangerously close to failing near the end of the semester, he sent a series of emails urging them to study for the final. ‘The amazing thing is how well it worked,’ Mr. Ambler says….The product, ZoomIn, has since been used by about 20 other professors at UTEP, and a study of 1,500 students has found that it has a positive impact on grades and student engagement.”

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