A New Partnership Tackles College Students' Housing And Food Insecurities

An opportunity for success

You have dedicated people and resources to help students. Starfish knows that students succeed when they are engaged with an informed, connected campus community.
About our philosophy »
  • Success is a moving target. Students need different kinds of encouragement at different times.
  • Success entails academic achievement. You have to make it simple to capture instructor observations.
  • Success requires engagement. It has to be easy for everyone to connect and stay engaged.
  • Success must be measured. Seeing the bigger picture involves tying activities to outcomes.
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A holistic perspective

Dozens of data points are generated each week about your students. Starfish can help your staff integrate and visualize your students’ data to inform a holistic approach to success.
About our solutions »
  • At most institutions, student data is stored in disparate systems, while some isn't stored at all.
  • Academic, administrative, financial, social, and predictive data paint a complete picture.
  • With this holistic view, staff can take action through early alert, appointment scheduling, and case management software.
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A proven, measurable impact

Between 5 and 12% of your institution's budget is committed to student services. Starfish can measure these investments and help to amplify their outcomes.
About our outcomes »
  • Analytics to understand if your student success programs are making the desired difference.
  • Success indicators span from course completion to persistence through timely graduation.
  • Comprehensive analysis evaluates return on investment and tuition saved.
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