Help Your Students Complete Their Educational Objectives

While the ultimate goal of many student success programs is to improve student retention, we know that the real measure of success is seeing a student accomplish his or her goals. In today's academic environment, institutional resources are scarce and students are confronting barriers to their success like never before, including academic, financial, social, and mental health challenges. In response, it is critical that your institution accelerate, automate, and optimize its efforts to help ensure the success of your students and your institution.

Starfish Is Your Student Success Partner

We offer software solutions and related services to help you know as early as the first week of classes which students need your assistance to overcome an obstacle that may be in their way. At the same time, we enable you to provide students with convenient, personalized access to campus services that are already standing by to respond to a student who needs help.

Our software solutions harness the power of the campus community to engage, motivate, and graduate more students–securing valuable tuition revenue through greater student persistence.

Uniquely accessible from your existing learning management system and portal, Starfish EARLY ALERT™ and Starfish CONNECT™ enable your institution to create an online student success environment, facilitating programs such as academic advising, tutoring, mentoring, and others–with the aim of improving student success and retention. The solutions accelerate many of your student success initiatives by automating case management, early warning, appointment scheduling, student tracking, and assessment.

Rapid Implementation Provides Powerful Return on Investment

Our systems are implemented quickly (typically in just a few days), are rapidly adopted by instructors (more than 50% of faculty use the system within the first few weeks), and reuse data you already have on campus (including your learning management and student information systems).

The Starfish systems provide valuable analytics to help you optimize your programs for continual improvement. And because it is a fully hosted solution, no additional hardware or IT staff is needed to monitor, tune, or backup the new systems. As a result, institutions using Starfish document powerful returns on their investment through increased student persistence measures. An investment you can't afford not to make.

Measuring Returns

Paul Smith's College calculates a four-and-a-half-fold return on investment within 18 months of adopting Starfish. Interested in seeing what your return on your investment might be? Contact us for a custom ROI projection.