Automate Early Warning and Student Tracking

You need an early warning and student tracking system that works with you, as early as the first day of class, so you can focus on your mission of helping students. Starfish EARLY ALERT is a comprehensive, flexible, and convenient tool that works the way you do, according to your processes. After all, you have enough on your hands as you help students be successful.

Starfish EARLY ALERT includes the following key feature sets:

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    Manual and Automatic Flag Raising, Including Kudos

    Do you know which students need help? Starfish allows instructors, advisors, and other members of a student's support network to manually raise flags based on observed behaviors at anytime in the academic term (e.g., attendance problems or failure to complete assignments). In addition, institutions can send out Progress Surveys to request instructors to give their feedback at specific times in the term. Flags can also be raised automatically based on student activity within the learning management system (e.g., grades, log-ins, discussion board activity), information within the student information system, and on information within a third-party system (e.g., Noel-Levitz). Kudos can be raised when students perform well, automatically sending positive messages of encouragement to students.

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    Close the Loop

    Wonder why your instructors don't stay involved in your early warning programs? Starfish makes it easy for advisors and others to update instructors about a concern they originally raised. While protecting student confidentiality, the system automates the closing of the loop so instructors know their concerns didn't fall into a black hole. Additionally, they are more apt to continue to use the system in the future.

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    Student Folder with Notes, Photos, Attributes, and Attachments

    Busy keeping track of hundreds of students, and having to access multiple systems and folders just to know what a student is up to? Starfish offers an online, centralized student folder where you can view and manage student records and interactions (e.g., flags, courses, grades, notes) from a single location. You can see a variety of custom attributes about each student, such as GPA, SAT score, and major, with quick links to a third-party degree audit plan. You can also write notes about your interaction with a student that can be kept private or shared with other members of a student's success network, as appropriate. And, the system supports the ability to upload attachments (e.g., academic plans, student intake forms) directly to the student folder. Best of all, the student folder remains active throughout the student's enrollment, transitioning from advisor to advisor as needed (e.g., from undeclared to major advisor).

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    Communication Tools

    Want to keep in touch with your at-risk students? Through Starfish, you can send email, private Facebook, or text messages to all your students or to any cohort you wish. Plus, we can automatically contact advisors, counselors, deans, program directors, and others when flags are raised on their students or when problems are resolved without any human intervention required. In addition, while various support staff are working with a particular student, they can use the system to communicate with each other and have their notes saved to the student folder.

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    Intervention and Case Management

    Need to prioritize your intervention efforts? Starfish allows you to focus your time by looking at students within a specific cohort (e.g., athletes) or students who are struggling the most, based on the number of flags that have been raised. For each student, you can document your full intervention process, including the ultimate resolution.

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    Attendance Tracking

    Are instructors tired of keeping attendance in one place and reporting attendance concerns in another? Through Starfish Zoom In functionality, instructors can record which students did not attend class or arrived late–two common risk indicators. The system can be configured to automatically notify you of students with attendance concerns in one or more courses.

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    Instructor-Specific Tools and Positive Feedback

    Are system-level configuration decisions limiting instructors who want more control? Starfish provides instructors the tools to keep track of their own students by creating the thresholds for when they feel a student might be at risk. As a result, instructors can automate communication to struggling students about their performance and offer ways to improve. At the same time, instructors can automate communication to students who are doing well, providing positive feedback that motivates hard work.

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    Dynamic Outcomes Reporting

    Do you know how your student success efforts are performing? Starfish offers comprehensive reporting where you can evaluate potential trends and analytics, allowing campus administration to track at-risk students, utilization of support services, and the impact these services have on grades and performance. You can also gain insight into which courses and assignments are the biggest obstacles to student success. Most important, Starfish helps you easily correlate your student success efforts to your student performance outcomes to answer the million-dollar question–did your efforts to help students make a difference? And if not, what can we do differently now?