Scale Your Student Success Initiatives

Today’s students face significant challenges as they navigate their higher education experience. Life happens every day, and no one is immune from the academic, financial, social, and wellness challenges that can derail a student’s progress. In order to keep these students engaged at your institution, you must accelerate, automate, and optimize your efforts to support them.

Starfish offers software solutions and related services to harness the power of the campus community to engage, motivate, and graduate more students–securing valuable tuition revenue through greater student persistence.

A Supportive Community

Our active client community includes many institutions like yours; institutions who are focused on not just retaining student dollars, but on facilitating a strategic approach to encourage their students to complete their academic goals – whether those goals are defined by the completion of a few credits, a workforce skill, a certificate, or a degree.

Whether you measure student success by deeper engagement with faculty and campus services, by completion of a student's chosen program of study, or by improved efficiency and utilization of resources, Starfish is committed to helping you help your students achieve their greatest potential.

Rapid Implementation Provides Powerful Return on Investment

As a result of our proven processes and collaborative approach, many institutions are able to launch the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform in as little as nine weeks. The platform provides valuable analytics to help you optimize your programs for continual improvement. Our client institutions are able to document powerful returns on their investment through increased student performance metrics, including course completion, grade distribution, persistence, retention, and graduation. And, since the Starfish platform is a fully-hosted solution, your instructional technology team doesn't need to provision or support additional staff or hardware.

Measuring Returns

Paul Smith's College calculates a four-and-a-half-fold return on investment within 18 months of adopting Starfish. Interested in seeing what your return on your investment might be? Contact us for a custom ROI projection.