Scale Your Student Success Initiatives

Starfish EARLY ALERT is a comprehensive, flexible, and convenient tool that works the way you do, according to your processes. After all, you have enough on your hands as you help more students be successful.

Starfish EARLY ALERT includes the following key feature sets:

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    Flags and Kudos

    The simple tools in Starfish EARLY ALERT encourage advisors, counselors, tutors, and instructors to raise flags at any time. Institutions can prompt faculty to provide feedback at specific touch-points in each term. Flags can also be raised automatically based on student activity within the LMS, SIS, or most third-party technologies. Kudos can be used in the same way, to send positive messages of encouragement to students.

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    Role-Based Access

    Starfish EARLY ALERT is flexible enough to work the way your institution works and maintain the delicate balance between privacy and access. Institutions can group users into defined roles and then assign the appropriate privileges and relationships to those roles, supporting FERPA policies without limiting communication.

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    Central, Secure Student Folders

    In Starfish EARLY ALERT, the Student Folder is a convenient way to see a student’s whole story – including a photo, contact information, grades, GPA, admissions data, program of study, demographics, financial aid status, active and resolved flags, shared notes from other student success providers, and much more – so you can ensure that your activities are matching the student’s needs. Best of all, the Student Folder remains active throughout the student's enrollment, transitioning seamlessly from advisor to advisor and available to other stakeholders on a “need to know” basis.

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    Communication Workflow and Case Management

    Starfish EARLY ALERT gives busy people powerful tools to visualize, prioritize and address outstanding concerns so they can do their outreach efficiently and effectively... and make sure that no one slips through the cracks. For example, Starfish EARLY ALERT makes it easy to create student cohorts based on campus, program of study, at-risk population, or financial aid status (just to name a few) and target automatic or manual interventions differently to different cohorts. With a variety of ways to communicate and capture notes about the efforts of everyone involved it is easier to manage issues through to resolution.

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    Dynamic Reporting

    Starfish EARLY ALERT provides comprehensive reporting tools so decision-makers don’t have to wait for an institution-wide study to assess the impact of their efforts. Configurable parameters can generate easy-to-analyze data regarding student success activities, from tracking specific types of concerns to reviewing which courses and assignments are the biggest obstacles to student success.