Education Support Networking and Case Management System

Within any given institution, there are a myriad of support services designed to help students overcome challenges and attain their goals. Research shows that students perform best when they spend time with the people on campus who can help them–typically their advisors, counselors, instructors, and tutors. Yet connecting students to these services, and knowing that they actually went, often proves to be the biggest hurdle to their success.

Starfish CONNECT facilitates meaningful contact between students and their advisors, instructors, and tutors. The system encourages students to engage more deeply in their academic lives by connecting them to the people and resources in place to help them succeed.

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    Increase Access Through Online Scheduling

    The system facilitates online scheduling, whether for in-person meetings with an advisor, a phone call with a disability specialist, or a meeting with a financial aid counselor–including email and text message reminders. And, through our exclusive integration with the Blackboard Collaborate system, Starfish can automatically provision online meeting rooms and record those meetings for future review. In addition, Starfish CONNECT is the only appointment scheduling system that offers two-way integration with Microsoft® Exchange® and Microsoft Outlook®, allowing advisors to keep one schedule while Starfish manages the rest.

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    Support Walk-ins and Efficient Waiting Rooms

    Starfish CONNECT includes a flexible Kiosk to enable student services centers to accept walk-in meetings. Students simply swipe their ID card or enter their student ID information. Staff members are able to see the list of students in the waiting room and can distinguish which students are walk-ins versus there for an appointment. Staff can then start the meeting directly from the system and record notes that will be placed in the student folder.

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    Promote Support Resources Designed to Help Students

    Starfish CONNECT presents each student with a personalized Rolodex of every person and service that can help, including a fully searchable interface. Typically, institution Web sites are organized by department, service area, or college, which can make finding support information relevant to specific students difficult. Starfish removes those barriers by presenting information to each student that is pertinent to his/her own success. In addition, students can be referred to specific services and assigned a To Do that encourages action.

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    Tracking Road Maps and Student Plans

    Starfish CONNECT allows an advisor to document for the student and the student's support network the road map the student should take to achieve his/her goals. Starfish then allows everyone (with a need to know) to see where the student is along that path. These case management tools focus limited institutional resources on what needs to be done next for student success.

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    Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction

    Tutoring provides amazing returns for the institution. It helps the student get over academic challenges in an economical way while also creating leadership opportunities for the tutors, many of whom are fellow students. Starfish CONNECT informs the student about what tutoring services are available and then easily guides the student to secure an appointment, whether for individual sessions, group workshops, or supplemental instruction for a course.

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    On-Demand Reporting to Optimize Service Delivery

    How do you know which students are accessing the support services that your institution makes available? Starfish CONNECT delivers analytics to know which kinds of students are seeking help; which ones aren't; who is being helped right away, through better grades or removal of concerns; and what trends can help the institution improve retention and, ultimately, graduation rates.

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