Point students in the right direction

Research shows that students with strong connections to academic
advisors are more likely to complete their educational goals – whatever those goals may be – and are more likely to express satisfaction with their experience. It falls to academic advisors to determine the best route between students’ starting points and their aspirations, so students can make good choices along the way.

Starfish ADVISING™, the academic planning module of the Starfish platform, makes it possible for your institution to efficiently provide each student with a proactive, personalized, step-by-step roadmap to the finish line, even as his or her goals and circumstances change. Starfish ADVISING is easy to implement, based on your patterns of success, and complements most degree audit tools.

Determine the starting point

Starfish ADVISING amplifies the impact of the critical first advisor meetings by making it easy to gather baseline Student Intake information, match a student’s circumstances to a plan of study, and share that plan with the student in a productive and proactive way.

Change plans for changing needs

As you know, a student’s goals are subject to change. Students discover an affinity for a new discipline, or need to adjust their schedule from full- to part-time, miss registration deadlines, or require a course that is oversubscribed. Starfish ADVISING prompts intervention when a student goes “off plan” – so advisors can bring students in for a status check, regroup to understand their goals, and deploy revised Academic Plans if needed.

Help advisors work efficiently

Academic advisors are busy, and deciphering the program requirements for hundreds (or thousands) of different students with different levels of preparedness can be daunting. With Starfish ADVISING, the institution can lay out templates for academic achievement, and advisors can access and assign the correct Academic Plans with just a few clicks. A student’s past course enrollments populate instantly so the advisor can see how a student’s past and future coursework will impact their stated academic goals.

Key features include:

starfish_bullet_point Student intake forms
starfish_bullet_point Academic plan templates
starfish_bullet_point Advisor access to academic plans
starfish_bullet_point Track student progress
starfish_bullet_point Student access to academic plans

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